Welcome to YACHT ENVY,

We are an idea sharing, business development and funding platform. We link entrepreneurs, innovators and social movers with other people just like them.

We believe in equal access to information, equal access to resources and equal access to know how. We believe in the power of connections and that; with the right connections and frameworks we can make the world a better place.

We believe in our one Big Hairy Audacious Goal:

Our goal is to help one billion people through connected products and services live greater and more fulfilled lives.


With your help we believe we can develop a market leading incubation platform and we can collectively become titans of business.

The greatest inventions are already here, the greatest thinkers are already here and it is our job to connect them and bring their message the world and the greatest pain for mankind has always been the distribution of resources from those with to those without.

We have thought about this problem deeply and believe we are now on the edge of  understanding.


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